Prodigy creates successful and lasting relationships between esports players, creators & brands. Prodigy provides confidence to our clients and always delivers professional, industry leading service. Prodigy was created with a mission to ensure player safety and present opportunities not otherwise obtainable. We are proud of what we do for the industry and will continue to represent clients through all types of situations. To learn more about what we do, read the sections below. 


Prodigy is an esports talent agency focusing on the enablement of success to its clients. Prodigy works with professional esports athletes to ensure a seamless experience when entering into new opportunities and endeavours. 


Prodigy works with creators to help them access helpful resources from brands and organizations to assist them in making successful and quality content on all social and streaming platforms. 


Prodigy works alongside brands and organizations to simplify their recruitment process, sponsorship deals and services. We gather extensive information from our clients to ensure all deals are quick, easy and efficient.  

Prodigy Esports Talent Agency. 2019

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