Prodigy creates successful and lasting relationships between esports players, creators & brands. Prodigy provides confidence to our clients and always delivers professional, industry leading service. Welcome to Prodigy. 

Hunter Quigley

Hunter "Scruff" Quigley is an entrepreneur from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Hunter has a deep interest in the world of esports and has been involved in the industry since 2018. Hunter grew an Esports Organization from the ground up and gained extensive knowledge about this fast growing industry. The contractual world of esports can be a difficult place, but Hunter and his partners are here to create professional opportunities for all players, creators & brands. 

David Politikos 

David "Politikos" is an entrepreneur from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a lifetime video game enthusiast and has been involved in the esports industry since 2018. David is the owner of an esports organization and has a vast understanding of the intricacies of the esports industry.

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